Registration for CCC Digital Key Applet Compliance Plugfest #2

Frankfurt | Germany, October 25-27, 2022

This CCC PlugFest targets Digital Key Applet Compliance for WCC 1 (NFC only), compliant with Digital Key Release 3, Version 1.1. Members will have access to the latest version of the Digital Key Applet Compliance test tool, implementing CCC-TS-104. Results from the test sessions will be used to validate the test tool.


Test sessions will happen in parallel. Attendees will have assigned desks within a meeting room, shared by all attendees. Remote testing of a member’s product is not possible.


IUT and Attendee registrations are now open.

IUT registration:

  • One registration per member company
  • No registration fee.
  • Registration Deadline is September 25th. 


Attendee registration:


  • One registration per attendee.
  • Registration fee is $350 per attendee.
  • Registration Deadline is October 17th

Please register only ONE implementation under test (IUT), even if you plan to bring multiple and/or different variations/configurations of your implementation. IUT registration should be done before Attendee registration. Third party observers shall not register the IUT.


Eligible Implementations:

CCC Digital Key Applet implementations (IUT) must be from Core or Charter members in good standing. All IUTs must be registered. Members registering an implementation agree to have their intend to participate shared within CCC.


Eligible Attendees:

Attendees must be Core or Charter members in good standing and must be linked to a registered IUT. All attendees must register. Attendees need to agree to the Participation Agreement available in this linkPlease indicate that you agree to this and are authorized to sign this agreement on the registration form.


Third Party Observers:

Participating vendors may invite their supplier or OEM to the PlugFest. The OEM / supplier must be a CCC Core or Charter member in good standing to attend. Each person from the OEM/supplier that will accompany the test sessions must register as a PlugFest attendee. Other observers are not allowed